Who we are

We were created in 2009 by the Parliamentary Standards Act. The Act was amended in 2010 by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act

This legislation gave us three main responsibilities: 

  • to regulate MPs’ staffing and business costs

  • to determine MPs’ pay and pension arrangements

  • to provide financial support to MPs in carrying out their parliamentary functions

We are independent of parliament and the government. This means we make fair and impartial decisions about MPs’ pay, pensions and business costs. 

We provide effective regulation of MPs’ pay and business costs on behalf of the public and publish the data to provide public access to information about MPs’ pay, pensions and claims.

We have five key values that support our vision and shape our culture:

  • professionalism

  • respect

  • integrity

  • collaboration

  • improvement

We are overseen by a Board comprising five members.

The Board is supported by an executive, which is responsible for our day-to-day running.

The Board also appoints an independent Compliance Officer, who investigates complaints made about MPs’ claims and reviews decisions we have made.

Organisational chart

We are governed by our Board, which consists of a Chair and four Board members. 

Under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009, our Board must consist of: 

  • one member who has held high judicial office 

  • one member who is a qualified auditor, and 

  • one member who is a former MP 

Members of the Board are appointed for fixed terms of up to five years. They can be also be reappointed for a further term of up to three years.  

The appointment of Board members is prescribed by Schedule 1 of the Parliamentary Standards Act

Our Chief Executive and directors report directly to the Board. 

Read more about the Board's role, procedures and principles, and our operational costs

You can also read the minutes of Board meetings

We are an effective regulator and administrator of MPs’ pay and business costs. We work to assure the public that MPs’ use of taxpayers’ money is well regulated and to resource and support MPs appropriately to carry out their parliamentary functions. 

Our focus is on five strategic priorities: 

  • a strong and supportive regulatory environment 

  • effective management of data and information 

  • an outstanding employer

  • a commitment to transparency and public engagement

  • working in partnership 

Read our 2018-22 Strategy.

Our Corporate Plan for 2020-21 set outs our approach for the first year of a longer-term programme to transform IPSA to achieve our goal. 

Our goal is for MPs to have high-quality, responsive support, within a strong and user-friendly regulatory framework, so they can quickly access the funds they need for their parliamentary work, and we provide assurance that public money is spent in line with the rules. 

Read our 2020-21 Corporate Plan.

The legislation that established IPSA also provided for the creation of a Compliance Officer to investigate possible breaches of the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses, either by MPs or in our application of the rules.   

Our Compliance Officer is wholly independent. They work two days a week and report directly to our Board.

They are responsible for: 

  • conducting investigations if there is reason to believe an MP may have been paid an amount under the Scheme that should not have been allowed

  • reviewing determinations by IPSA to refuse reimbursement (in whole or in part) for an expense claim at the request of an MP 

The role is confined to matters relating to the Scheme. They have no power to investigate complaints that pre-date our creation in May 2010.  

Complaints relating to claims prior to May 2010 are usually handled by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. 

The Compliance Officer receives an annual salary of £25,000-30,000. 

You can visit the Compliance Officer’s website to find out more about their role and function.

Previous Board members 

Ruth Evans (Chair)2016-2019
Jackie Smith2018
Elizabeth Padmore2013-2018
Anne Whitaker2013-2018
Professor Sir Ian Kennedy (Chair)2009-2016
Rt Hon John Thurso2016
Sir Neil Butterfield2013-2016
Tony Wright2013-2016
Ken Olisa2010-2013
Jackie Ballard2010-2013
Rt Hon Scott Baker2010-2013
Professor Isobel Sharp 2010-2013

Previous Chief Executives

Marcial Boo2014-2020
Andrew McDonald2009-2014

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