Welcome to IPSA

We are the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority, the independent body that regulates and administers the business costs and decides the pay and pensions of the 650 elected MPs and their staff in the UK.

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Discover more about our history, our people and our values, as well as read about our future strategy and corporate plans.

MPs costs and expenses

Find out more about the costs necessary for our MPs to perform their parliamentary functions, and search for your MP’s claims.


Learn about how we regulate and manage MPs’ claims – including the rules in the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses.

How we operate

Learn about our duties and responsibilities, how we appoint people, govern ourselves, and how we are funded.

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Find out how to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and search our archive of previous responses.


Read our latest reports, take part in public consultations, and learn more about our vision for the future.


Get the latest news and articles, read our communications with MPs, and sign-up for our newsletter.

Who monitors IPSA

We hold ourselves to the highest possible standards. Find out who monitors our work.

What measures are in place to safeguard public money

IPSA was created to safeguard public money. Find out about how we do this.

Do MPs follow the rules v2

MPs are following the rules we set. Find out more about how we know public funds being used correctly.