Our operational costs

Board salaries

The daily rate for the members of our Board is determined by the Speaker of the House of Commons.

From April 2022, the Chair receives £800 per day and ordinary members £500 per day. Until then and since 2009, the payment was £700 for the Chair and £400 for ordinary members.

The remuneration for the Chair and Board members is non-pensionable.

The anticipated time commitment from our Chair is approximately two days per week and from the ordinary Board members two days per month, but greater commitment may be needed at certain times.

Their remuneration is calculated pro-rata based on the number of hours worked – one day is the equivalent of 7.5 hours.

​NameRole​Salary in 2019-20
Richard Lloyd​Chair (interim)£40,000-45,000
William Lifford​Board member£10,000-15,000
Sir Robert Owen​Board member£5,000-10,000

Former Board members

Ruth Evans stood down as Chair in October 2019. Board Member Richard Lloyd assumed the position of Interim Chair until a new Chair is recruited.

NameRoleSalary in 2019-20
Ruth EvansFormer Chair£15,000-20,000

Board expenses

The roles of the Chair and the board members are part-time. Due to the nature of the work, they might need to travel some distance. This was recognised in the advertised terms and conditions for the posts and is normal for this type of public appointment.

Provisions for the post-holder to be reimbursed for expenses incurred from travel and overnight accommodation (up to a limit) are set out in the Board expenses claims code.

Expenditure over £25,000

We publish details of all contracts worth £25,000 and any supplier with whom our total annual spend exceeds £25,000 (each financial year).

You can download the information using the links below. The documents will open in spreadsheet format.