Ian Todd

Chief Executive

Ian Todd joined IPSA in October 2020. He was formerly Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority and Deputy Director General at the Independent Office for Police Conduct.

He has also held several other board-level roles in professional regulation, including the health and legal sectors. Ian has also spent time in central government, including the Department for Education and the Cabinet Office.

He has extensive experience dealing with the public in a frontline role as his first career was with the NHS ambulance services. During 15 years in the ambulance service, he was a qualified paramedic and held several roles to director level, including as part of the senior command team during the 7/7 London bombings.

NameIan Todd
Financial interests*None
Directorships and shareholdings**None
Investment property***None
Public appointmentsNone
Charities or non-public organisationsNone
Any other relevant interestsNone
Relevant interests of spouse, partner, or close family memberNone
Date7 December 2023

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