Lea Paterson CBE

Board Member

Lea Paterson CBE was previously Executive Director, People and Culture, at the Bank of England.

She is currently an Independent Member of the University of Warwick’s Remuneration Committee.

Lea has previously held a number of senior management positions at the Bank of England, including Director of Independent Evaluation.

She was also an Advisor to the Bank’s Board in its review of ethnic diversity and inclusion.

Before working for the Bank, Lea worked as a journalist, as Economics Editor at The Times and previously at The Independent.

Lea has been appointed as a Commissioner at the Civil Service Commission from 13 June 2022 for a five-year non-renewable term.

At the end of 2022, Lea was awarded a CBE in the annual New Year Honours list for services to the economy.

NameLea Paterson
Financial interests*Hold a blind trust managed by Psigma Investment Management (Punter Southall group)
Directorships and shareholdings**Director, Amherst School (Academy) Trust; owner, Lea Paterson Advisory Services (sole trader)
Investment property***None
Public appointmentsCivil Service Commissioner
Charities and non-public organisationsIndependent Member, Warwick University Remuneration Committee; helpline volunteer, Independent Provider of Special Education Advice (IPSEA)
Any other relevant interestsOccasional ad hoc consultancy work through Lea Paterson Advisory Services
Relevant interests of spouse, partner, or close family memberSpouse: Simon Trussler, Head of Tax and International Trade Policy, British American Tobacco
Date10 December 2023

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*This includes interests held by a board member that are directly relevant to his/her position within IPSA. It is not a list of all financial interests including all investments or loans held by a board member. It indicates where financial interests are held in a blind trust held independently from the owner so that a board member is shielded from involvement in their management.
**Shareholdings are not listed where they are de minimis in nature.
***In line with the Registers of Interest in the Houses of Parliament, property owned and/or occupied by board members for their own use is not included in the list.