IPSA Publishes MPs' Business Costs for October - November 2020, Consultation on McCloud, and other reports

Date published: March 11, 2021

As part of its routine publication of MPs’ business costs, IPSA has today released details of all claims, paid, repaid and unpaid, processed in the period from October to November 2020.

For details of all claims, including those published today, visit MPs’ staffing and business costs.

The data reflects claims processed in this two month period and should not be interpreted as a trend or pattern. MPs’ constituencies have a range of different characteristics for example; size, population, urban or rural landscape and distance from Westminster, which makes comparisons between the data difficult.

The data for individual claims is stored on the website by the date on which a cost is incurred. Some travel claims reflect the date on which a transaction was processed rather than the date on which a journey was made.

Also today, IPSA has published a report on the findings of our Annual Survey of MPs and Staff for 2020, and a report following the consultation on periodic adjustments to MPs' pay carried out in October 2020.

Additionally, IPSA is publishing details of a new consultation. This will look at our proposed response to the McCloud judgement. Read more about the consultation.


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Notes to Editors:

  1. IPSA was created in 2009 by the Parliamentary Standards Act. The Act was amended in 2010 by the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act. Together they gave IPSA three main responsibilities:

    • To regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses

    • To determine MPs’ pay and pension arrangements

    • To provide financial support to MPs in carrying out their parliamentary functions.

  2. IPSA is independent of Parliament and the Government. This allows us to take decisions about the rules on business costs and expenses and on MPs’ pay ourselves, without interference.

  3. The Scheme of MPs' Business Costs and Expenses ('the Scheme') governs what MPs can and cannot claim for. We review our rules regularly and consult the public when we do so.

  4. Every two months we publish around 25,000 claims for costs and expenses by MPs and their staff. Once a year we publish aggregate data for MPs’ spending and other aspects of their activity.

  5. Repayments are made to IPSA by MPs and third parties for a variety of reasons. These include: refunding items for which an MP no longer wishes to claim; refunding payment card transactions for which an MP does not wish to claim; and where an MP has received a rebate or refund from a third party, for example on their business rates or utility bills.

  6. The next scheduled date for publication is 13 May 2021.