IPSA Newsletter, November 2022

Date published: 17 November 2022

Today we published MPs' staffing and business costs for the 2021-22 financial year as well as bi-monthly business costs data for February to July 2022.

Ever since IPSA was created in 2010, we have regularly published MPs' business costs because transparency is important for a healthy democracy.

We recorded an interview with our Director of Policy and Engagement, Lee Bridges, to answer questions about what annual publication is and how to interpret the data. We hope this will add some context to the information we provide.

This year we made improvements to the service we deliver to MPs and their staff and fulfilled all our statutory duties to set, administer and regulate MPs' pay and business costs. Compliance with our rules remained very high at 99.85%.

Our next goal is to review our approach to regulation to further improve our customer service, simplify our policy and deliver financial value.

We will carry out a public consultation on any proposed changes to ensure that our service not only provides MPs with the resources they need to fulfil their parliamentary duties but also provides assurance to the public that we are regulating effectively.

If you have any feedback, please let us know.

With best wishes


Ian Todd

Chief Executive, IPSA

MPs' Staffing and Business Costs

Each year we publish data on MPs’ total staffing and business costs for the previous financial year. You can view the data here.

The vast majority – 77% - of MPs’ business costs are for staff members to help them respond to requests from constituents, resolve issues and represent their needs in Parliament. Our data tells us that claims made by MPs are 99.85% compliant with our rules 

21-22 Annual Publication percentages

Annual publication: Six questions for IPSA's Director of Policy and Engagement

IPSA Articles

We publish regular articles on our website to explain what we do and address some common misconceptions about MPs pay and business costs. You can read the latest articles below.

All you need to know about annual publication Read about annual publication, what's included and our tips for how to review the data here.

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A guide to MPs claims Find out what MPs' claims are for, how they’re made, and how they’re regulated here.

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Welcome to IPSA

This autumn we released a video to show our culture and values as described by our team. We hope this video will highlight the people who make IPSA a great place to work and attract great candidates from across the UK.

Welcome to IPSA video


We now recruit colleagues from across the UK so we can provide the best possible service to MPs and their staff and ensure that we reflect the whole of the UK. 

IPSA map

One third of our team work remotely from locations outside of London including Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the north and midlands of England.

Alongside our London team, our national colleagues help us to provide a great service to MPs and the public. 

If you have any queries about the information in this newsletter, please contact communications@theipsa.org.uk