Information regarding Gerry Adams and his staff salaries


Can you confirm if Gerry Adams is still receiving a salary, if his staff are still eligible to receive salaries, if he is still able to claim expenses, what winding up allowance or other expenses he will be eligible for when he ceases to become a MP


I can confirm that Mr Adams does not receive a salary currently and so his exit from the House of Commons will cause no change. Any staff funded through the scheme remain eligible to receive salaries during their contractual notice period, if they are being made redundant, or for up to a maximum period for 2 months after Mr Adams has ceased to be an MP. Further, Mr Adams will be able to claim up to £40,609 in connection with winding up expenses.

The expenses which may be claimed include:

  1. Salary and National Insurance costs for any staff who continue to work for the MP (up to a maximum of two months after the MP leaves Parliament)

  2. Other contractual liabilities such as overtime worked, untaken holiday and pay in lieu of notice ( if allowed by staff contracts)

  3. Employee pension contributions in respect of service during the winding up period, redundancy or termination payments for staff

  4. Contractual liabilities for offices and/or equipment such as office rent and utility bills and equipment rental payments for the notice period

  5. Travel costs for the completion of parliamentary functions with certification that the travel was for the purpose of closing down such functions

  6. Any rental costs reasonably incurred under the terms of an office rental such as the costs of redecorating the office and making good dilapidations

  7. Postage, stationery and telephone costs, subject to the standard rules relating to General Administrative expenditure, with evidence that the claim relates to the conclusion of parliamentary functions

  8. The costs of removing items such as furniture from the MPs office

  9. Other associated costs such as shredding of confidential waste or cleaning the hard disk of any IT equipment which has been funded under the scheme

  10. The costs, including removal costs, of any home for which the MP claimed accommodation expenses under the IPSA scheme, but excluding redecoration and cleaning costs.

18 February 2011
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