Details of claim made by claim made by Helen Grant MP for contingency costs


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Under an above request could I request a copy of the invoices/receipts as per claim number: 666127.


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Under the Scheme of MPs’Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), MPs can apply to IPSA for a contingency payment where they have incurred a cost which is not covered by the Scheme, but which they consider to be in support of their parliamentary functions.

In this instance, Ms Grant applied for contingency funding to cover the cost of a return flight in order that she be able to attend an emergency debate on the conflict in Syria. The Contingency Panel granted funding for the MP’s return flight.

The following details relating to this claim have already been published.

DateForm No.Expense TypeShort descriptionStatusReimbursed
10/07/20180000666127ContingencyRefund of early return flightAllowed775.45

Please find attached the receipts and invoices submitted in support of the application for contingency funding.

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13 December 2018
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