Details of repayments for accommodation budget overspends in 2015-16


Please could you send the list of MPs who overspent on their given accommodation budgets in 2015-16 year, and by how much. Please state the amount overspent that year, not factoring in repayments made after the year ended.

Please separately send, for each of those overspends, whether the amounts have been repaid and when - and if not, what amount is now outstanding.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

At the end of each financial year, we publish the total amount MPs have claimed from each budget, alongside the total budget to which they were entitled. Any outstanding overspend can be identified by calculating the difference between these figures.

Details of all repayments, including those for budget overspends, are published on our website following the end of the financial year. Please note: we occasionally make minor amendments to historically published data if, for example, we identify claims that have been allocated to the incorrect budget. Details of all the latest claims and repayments will next be published on 15 November 2018.

All overspends incurred in 2015-16 have been resolved. Details relating to the date of those repayments can be found below.

MP NameStatusDate resolved
Alex Cunningham£62.8422/07/2016
Anne Morris£152.3229/09/2016
Brendan O'Hara£162.5529/09/2016
Byron Davies£1,464.8910/08/2016
Caroline Nokes£1,682.8304/09/2017
Chris Evans£639.3114/06/2017
Chris Stephens£901.6730/11/2017
Chris White£2.0118/08/2017
Claire Perry£112.0006/06/2016
Debbie Abrahams£135.1610/08/2016
Eilidh Whiteford£381.9422/07/2016
James Cleverly£28.0513/02/2017
Kerry McCarthy£4.7222/07/2016
Lindsay Hoyle£462.9025/07/2016
Thangam Debbonaire£732.2125/07/2016
Tim Farron£1,625.0125/07/2016

2 November 2018
Exemptions Applied: