Information relating to IPSA's Communications team


  • The number of IPSA press office staff, and

  • The total budget for the IPSA press office

  • The total number of press queries directed to the IPSA press office in 2018 to date.


IPSA’s Communications team is responsible for a variety of functions, including but not limited to: communicating IPSA’s role and functions to the public, managing all internal communications including the staff intranet, newsletter and all-staff events, coordinating meetings with and visits by international delegations, preparing briefings for senior management and managing IPSA’s external communications, such as the website, social media and regular bulletins to all MPs and their staff.

There are currently three individuals employed in the Communications team, two of whom work part-time. The team’s budget for the current 2018-19 financial year is £34,290.00.[1]

We do not individually log every press query handled by the Communications team via phone and email and so do not hold the total number of queries directed to the team. Callers to IPSA’s main telephone line can choose an option to be put through to the Communications team. Between 1 January 2018 and 21 September 2018, 204 such calls were directed through to the Communications team. This figure does not include calls made directly to the publicly advertised press office phone number, nor to calls made to staff mobile phones.

[1] This figure excludes staff salaries.

10 October 2018
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