Invoices for professional services claimed by Diane Abbott


I am interested in more information about expenses claimed by Diane Abbott.

In particular, I would like to see more detail on spending under the subheading of ‘professional services’.

Please provide me with all invoices, receipts and all other paperwork submitted by the MP and her office in relation to claims for ‘professional services’ since 1st June 2016.


Under the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), claims for reimbursement must be supported by evidence. As such, we hold all supporting documentation provided in support of claims made by MPs.

Under the Scheme, Staffing or Office Costs can be claimed for payments for bought-in services (‘professional services’), where staffing services are provided by companies, self-employed individuals or others not on the payroll.

As you will be aware, details of all claims made by MPs are published on our website every two months. The following details relating to claims by Diane Abbott for professional services have already been published. Please click here to download copies of all documentation submitted in support of these claims.

DateClaim No.Short DescriptionDetailsAmount PaidStatus
10/06/2016512103Cost - Consultuantfees for writing and research832.00Paid
21/07/2016518569[***] [***] ConsultantCost for work by [***] [***]832.00Paid
11/08/2016528580Professional Services - Priya[***]350.00Paid
11/08/2016528580Professional Services - PriyaPriyah Invoice 2350.00Paid
16/08/2016523350[***] [***] Consultantncost of work for [***] [***]832.00Paid
12/09/2016528578Professional Services -SeptembProject - [***] [***]200.00Paid
15/09/2016528578Professional Services -SeptembSeptember - [***] [***]832.00Paid
23/09/2016532572Fee for researchwriting and research246.00Paid
05/10/2016532563Camera and Operatorcamera operator720.00Paid
10/10/2016535128Matthew Willgressfees due for writing and research832.00Paid
15/11/2016544102Rebekah - Professional Serviceresearch quantitative754.00Paid
15/11/2016544101[***] -researchnovember832.00Paid
01/12/2016551543Rebekah Isaacs fees decemberDecember, writing, research, data826.00Paid
07/12/2016550594[***] DecemberDecember832.00Paid
07/01/2017555997Matthew Willgressinvoice for January, professional services832.00Paid
06/02/2017572076[***] [***] FeesFees for writing and research728.00Paid
10/02/2017561340Matthew WillgressFees for Feb 2017832.00Paid
14/02/2017561652[***] [***] FeesFees for writing and research416.00Paid
10/03/2017567550Matthew Willgress FeesFees for writing and research832.00Paid
03/04/2017572054Fees for writing and researchFees for writing and research928.00Paid
29/06/2017592459Fees for writing and researchFees for writing and research1508.00Paid
28/07/2017608260Fees for writing and researchFees for writing, research and digital management1247.00Paid
31/08/2017608261Fees for writing, researchFees for writing, research and digital management928.00Paid
29/09/2017618189Fees for writing, researchFee's for writing research and digital management928.00Paid
31/10/2017618191Fees for writing and researchFees for writing research and digital content management928.00Paid
30/11/2017623936Fees for writing and researchFees for writing research and digital content management928.00Paid
31/12/2017630396Fees for writing, researchFees for writing and research928.00Paid
31/01/2018637345Fees for writing and researchFees for writing, research928.00Paid
28/02/2018643132Fees fro writing and researchFees for writing, research1247Paid
02/04/2018651355Fees for writing and researchFees for writing and research725.00Paid
24/04/2018651349Fees for researchFees due for research, stakeholder engagement, writing and event management1280Paid

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19 September 2018
Exemptions Applied:
Section 31