Details of MPs requesting increases to their staffing costs budget as a result of Brexit


I would like information about the recent claims by MPs for an increase to their £150,000 staff expenses allowance to cover Brexit costs. Under the Freedom of Information procedure I request the names of those MPs who have asked for an increase.


Since 2012, IPSA has carried out an Annual User Survey of MPs, which is intended to capture a range of opinions and feedback, allowing IPSA to have a better understanding of the needs of our users. MPs’ staff, who are also regular users of our systems, are also invited to take part.

A report on our 2017 survey was published in July 2018 and can be viewed on our website. The report noted, amongst other feedback, that there were requests to further increase MPs’ staffing budgets due to their increasing workloads, some of which is the result of Brexit.

The last question in the survey asked respondents for any additional comments they might have. One respondent wrote: ‘The budget for MPs staff is still very low given the amount of work that MPs are now expected to undertake from the public (very high levels of casework) this is specially [sic] difficult at the moment given the amount of time that is needed to be focused on the Brexit process.’

All responses to the survey are made anonymously and so we do not know the identity of the individual who submitted this feedback.

3 September 2018
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