Details of repayments made by MPs for advance loans


Back in 2010 I asked for the names of MP's who had asked for a "loan" of £4000 (the maximum).   Your department kindly supplied the answers.

In reply I added this paragraph:

"Looking over the multitude of those MP's who had to borrow £4000 to tide them over, I cannot help thinking that some MP's are being "bloody minded" in the sums they got under the scheme; why would an MP need to borrow £3877.50 (D. Grieve) or another silly loan for £1116.25 (K. Buck) or one for £2515.63 (N. Morgan) - one would think these high earners could manage to juggle their accounts without the need for petty cash and loading IPSA with the need to keep tabs on £122.50 still owning from Mr D. Grieve and other MP's with odd IOU's. "

I would like to know now the dates these three MPS fully repaid their loans.

  • Grieve / K. Buck /  N.Morgan

I would particularly like to know the dates Mr Grieve payed back the £3877.50 - including the date he paid back the last £122.50 that was left outstanding.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

You may be aware that we publish on our website details of all expenditure incurred by MPs. This includes details of loans which were made, and subsequent repayments. You can find this information by searching for any MP. Under the section ‘other financial information’, select a financial year and the tab ‘Advance and deposit loans to MPs’ to find this information.

For clarity, the loans listed in your request were repaid on the following dates:

MP NameDate of repayment
Dominic Grieve5 April 2012
Karen Buck8 March 2011
Nicky Morgan25 October 2010

8 December 2017
Exemptions Applied: