IPSA's website governance protocol


Could I ask under an above request what the policy or process ipsa hold/have in place before data/information is placed in any publication whether external or its own websites so as to verify this is/should be published?


One of IPSA’s core statutory functions is to publish details relating to expenditure incurred by MPs under the Scheme of MPs’ Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’).

We have a publication policy in place which describes the information we will publish and when it will be published. You can find a copy of the publication policy, alongside previous editions, on our website.

We recently launched a new public website, www.theipsa.org.uk, which helps us meet IPSA’s statutory objective of providing assurance to the public that MPs’ expenditure is appropriate and independently regulated.

As part of the development of this site, a website governance protocol was created, which seeks to ensure that the public site is managed efficiently and effectively. Please find attached a copy of that document.

8 May 2017
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