Cost of IPSA staff travel since General Election


Since the formation of the new parliament in 2015 following the general election could you please provide by a monthly basis the totals for claims by mode of transport for staff of ipsa to attend meetings etc?


IPSA holds the information that you request.

IPSA’s policy regarding expenses incurred actually and necessarily (by IPSA staff) during the course of business can be found on our website at the following link: For reference, we are currently in the process of updating our policy, which will be available on our website in the coming months.

The vast majority of meetings conducted between IPSA staff and external stakeholders take place at either IPSA’s premises or on the Parliamentary Estate. In these instances, no travel costs are incurred.

IPSA regularly carries out roadshows across the United Kingdom, often in partnership with the House of Commons, to help train MPs and their staff members and to provide support to constituency office staff, where necessary. The cost of IPSA staff travel to and from these roadshows constitutes the majority of expenditure incurred.

As such, since the General Election in 2015, £9,106.52 has been spent on IPSA staff travel to and from external meetings and events. A monthly breakdown of this amount can be found at Annex A, also broken down by the mode of transport.

IPSA’s Board expenses

The expenses code relating to IPSA’s Board members can be found at the following address:

Details of all expenses claimed by Board members and senior members of staff are published on our website and can be found via this link. Details for the 2015-16 financial year will be available shortly.

11 May 2016
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