All salary and expense payments made to Jeremy Hunt


I am writing regarding a request to receive the full expenses claims submitted by the Right Honourable Jeremy Hunt MP since he took office in 12th May 2010 to present date, at time of writing 4th April 2016. This would span his time as both SOS for Culture and SOS for Health.

I would also like to know full amount of monies he received during this time from the tax payer in the form of salary but including any other form of remuneration he may have received during this period.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

MPs’ salaries

All MPs receive a basic annual salary, which is currently £74,962 (since 1 April 2016).

You can find more information on MPs’ pay (and pensions), including historical rates of pay, on our website.

As part of our determination on MPs’ pay, published in July 2015, MPs’ pay will be adjusted annually at the same rate as changes in public sector earnings published by the Office of National Statistics.

Ministerial salaries

Some MPs, who hold various offices (such as Government Ministers), receive an additional entitlement. These additional entitlements are paid by separate bodies; the Cabinet Office, for example, is responsible for paying the additional salaries of Government Ministers. The following page on Parliament’s website provides information on these additional entitlements:

Business costs and expenses

Under the terms of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), MPs can claim reimbursement for costs and support necessarily incurred in the performance of the parliamentary functions.

Details of all claims for business costs and expenses made by MPs under the Scheme are published on our publication website. The FOIA states that information that is accessible by other means is not subject to release. Therefore, as the information you have requested is already available on our website, it is exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the FOIA (information accessible to applicant by other means).

We do not reimburse costs incurred by MPs in their role as Ministers.

MPs’ financial interests

The Register of Members’ Financial Interests is compiled to provide information about any financial interest which an MP has, or any benefit which he or she receives, which others might reasonably consider to influence his or her actions or words as a Member of Parliament. You can view a copy of the Register (including past editions) on Parliament’s website at the following address:

This Register is administered by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards. You can find out more information about the Parliamentary Commissioner (including details for contact) at the following address:

11 April 2016
Exemptions Applied:
Section 21