Invoice for furniture claimed by Patrick Grady


I would like to know what the following items were (make/model, type/design), whether any receipts for this claim are available (if so, I'd like to see those receipts), and the quantity of chairs/desks delivered.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), Office Costs Expenditure (OCE) is provided to meet the costs of renting, equipping and running an MP’s office. This includes the provision of furniture (such as desks and seating).

MPs can buy office supplies online using accounts IPSA generated for them with three suppliers: Commercial, Banner and XMA. Where an MP makes a purchase from these suppliers, IPSA pays the suppliers directly, and MPs do not need to complete a form, reconcile the expense or send any receipts – IPSA gets all the information required directly from the suppliers when the order is made by the MP. These costs are then automatically allocated by IPSA to the MP’s OCE budget.

As such, IPSA does not hold a receipt or invoice for the claim in question, but does hold the following information (which has been provided to us directly by Banner).

Information already published, and information disclosed

DateDetailsReimbursedProduct descriptionQuantity purchasedProduct code
01/07/2015Desk£591.46Fraction Wave Desk LH 1400mm Oak46660749
01/07/2015Chair£993.60Etna Mesh Chair46660895
01/07/2015Chair£110.40Stakka Chair Chrome Frame Black Fab26660902
29/08/2015Chair£248.40Etna Mesh Chair16660895

Further information on Banner (including more details on specific products) may be found on their website:

10 April 2016
Exemptions Applied: