Claims by members of the Shadow Cabinet for mobile phone usage


Please can you provide me with month by month break down for the last 12mths

How much has the mobile phone bill been for each shadow cabinet minister ( please provide Month by Month)

What Network is each Shadow Cabinet minster on

What network package is each Shadow minister on


Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), Office Costs Expenditure (OCE) is provided to meet the costs of renting, equipping and running an MP’s office or offices and surgeries. This includes any mobile phone costs incurred by an MP in the exercise of their parliamentary functions.

We publish details of all claims made by MPs for business costs and expenses on our publication website, which can be found at the following address: Using the search function, you can search for all claims by members of the Shadow Cabinet for monthly mobile phone charges. It should be noted that MPs often claim a portion of the total bill to separate costs incurred as an MP from those incurred as a result of other responsibilities.

MPs are required to provide documentation in support of claims made for business costs; in the case of mobile phone usage this would most likely take the form of a monthly invoice. In processing your request for information, we have conducted a search of claims made by members of the Shadow Cabinet for monthly mobile phone charges in the last six months.

Where claims have been made, we have inspected the supporting documentation provided by the MP and extracted the information that you requested. In some instances, the name of the network price plan was not contained on the invoice and, as such, IPSA does not hold this information.

Information requested

MP NameNetworkPrice plan
Jeremy CorbynOrangeInformation not held
John McDonnellCosts not claimed
Angela EagleCosts not claimed
Heidi AlexanderCosts not claimed
Owen SmithO2O2 Unlimited 24M 5GB 4G
Lilian GreenwoodEEInformation not held
Hilary BennVodafoneInformation not held
Andy BurnhamEEInformation not held
Diane AbbottO2O2 Unlimited 24M 10GB
Vernon CoakerCosts not claimed
Maria EagleO2O2 Unlimited 24M 5GB 4G
Jon TrickettCosts not claimed
Gloria De PieroEEEE Extra 10 GB
Seema MalhotraO2O2 Simplicity Unlimited 30D 2GB
Kate GreenCosts not claimed
Tom WatsonEE4GEE £57 plan - 24 months
Angela SmithEEEE Extra - 20GB £53.99
Emily ThornberryCosts not claimed
Rosie WintertonO2O2 Refresh ultd 24M 5GB 4G with O2 Travel
Karl TurnerEEInformation not held
Lucy PowellVodafone4G Y8 24X IP UM UTX 4GB M
Lisa NandyO2O2 Unlimited 24M 2GB 4G
Ian MurrayVodafoneunlimited minutes, unlimited texts, 4GB internet, 4G Bonus - 1GB Data, 24 months - inclusive entertainment
Chris BryantEEInformation not held
Luciana BergerO2O2 Refresh Unlimited 24M 10GB
John HealeyO2O2 Refresh ultd 24M 2GB 4G with O2 Travel
Kerry McCarthyCosts not claimed
Nia GriffithCosts not claimed
Jonathan AshworthO2O2 Refresh ultd 24M 5GB 4G

7 April 2016
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