Staffing arrangements of John McDonnell MP


How many members of staff ha John McDonnell had in his office since the 2010 election?

How long did/have each of those members of staff been working for him?

What IPSA pay bracket have those members of staff been paid on?


IPSA holds the information that you request.

Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), Staffing Expenditure may be claimed to meet the cost incurred in the provision of staff to assist with the performance of an MP’s parliamentary functions. You can find out more about Staffing Expenditure in chapter seven of the Scheme, a copy of which can be found on our website.

Please find below the information that you have requested relating to all staff employed by Mr McDonnell since the 2010 election. For reference, of the 11 employees listed below, four are currently employed by Mr McDonnell at the time of responding.

As you may be aware, IPSA was established in May 2010. Prior to this, MPs’ staffing arrangements were administered by the House of Commons, who issued contracts to MPs’ staff. Since May 2010, staff contracts have been issued by IPSA. These contracts contain different terms and conditions (such as prescribed job titles and pay ranges). You can find a breakdown of all IPSA’s approved job titles, job descriptions and pay ranges on our website via this link.

Staff who were employed prior to the establishment of IPSA in May 2010 (and remain employed by the MP) may remain on their original House of Commons contract, or may have chosen to transfer to an IPSA contract. As such, staff employed by the MP prior to the establishment of IPSA who remain employed on their old House of Commons contract may not conform to the pay ranges and contractual terms issued by IPSA – and we will not, therefore, hold an ‘IPSA pay bracket’ for them.

Former Employees

Staff memberMonths in employment[1]IPSA pay range at the time of leaving
Employee 1116000-25000
Employee 228Information not held
Employee 31016000-25250
Employee 4315000-22220
Employee 5<123000-33330
Employee 66119000-28849
Employee 76219000-28849

Current Employees

Staff memberMonths in employment[2]IPSA pay range at the time of leaving
Employee 82523000-34000
Employee 964Information not held
Employee 106423000-34000
Employee 112217170-24727

You may be interested to know that we recently published information relating to each MP’s staffing arrangements during the 2014-15 financial year. This information includes the job titles of all individuals employed by each MP during the financial year and whether or not they were full-time, part-time or employed on a fixed-term or casual contract. The following instructions may assist in locating the information on our publication website:

  1. Select financial year ‘2014-15’.

  2. Select and MP or constituency.

  3. Click ‘Go’ to retrieve the results.

This information will continue to be updated for each future financial year (following the end of the financial year).

[1] As at the date the employee left.

[2] As at the date of responding.

27 October 2015
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