Copy of train ticket submitted by John Whittingdale MP


Would you please supply me with a copy or photocopy or PDF of the original ticket used to justify the following travel expense claim.

Claim Ref. No.0000316788

MPJohn Whittingdale

Financial Year 2013-14

Expense Category Travel

Expense Type Public Tr RAIL Other

Amount Claimed £31.05

Amount Paid £31.05

Amount Not Paid £0.00

Amount Repaid N/A

Status Paid

Date 12/11/2013

Journey Type European travel MP only

Journey London to Gatwick

Short Description Travel Costs: November

Details GATWICK EXP.COM Passenger Railways

Travel Standard


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), MPs can use an IPSA-issued payment card to pay for any business cost or expense allowable under the Scheme. Details of all payments made on the card are then provided to IPSA by the card provider and are approved or rejected by IPSA’s validators. Claims which are rejected are then required to be repaid to IPSA by the MP.

In the instance to which you refer, Mr Whittingdale bought a ticket for the Gatwick Express on his payment card, which was confirmed to IPSA by the card provider. As this was an allowable business cost under the Scheme, and the claim amount reconciled with the standard fare for the Gatwick Express, no further supporting documentation was required from Mr Whittingdale.

15 October 2015
Exemptions Applied: