Pay and expenses paid to David Mundell MP and Edward Timpson MP


  1. How much is the Rt Hon Edward Timpson MP paid:

    1. Currently as Minister for Children and Families

    2. Previously as Junior Minister for Children and Families

    3. As on MP when newly elected?

  2. How much is the Rt Hon David Mundell MP paid:

    1. Currently as Secretary of State for Scotland

    2. Previously as Junior Secretary of State for Scotland

    3. As an MP when newly elected as a Westminster MP?

  3. If you have it available, how much was David Mundell paid as an MSP for Dumfries and Galloway constituency at Holyrood in Edinburgh? Otherwise I’d like contact details please.

  4. Office expenses in all the above would also be of interest.


For reference, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) was established in 2010, under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009. IPSA is responsible for paying the salaries of MPs and their staff, and for administering and regulating the system of business costs and expenses available to MPs.

Since we were established in 2010, we have published details of every individual claim made by MPs. You can find these claims, and search through them, on our publication website.

All MPs, when newly elected, receive a base salary which is paid by IPSA. Following our decision on 16th July 2015, this base salary has been £74,000. You can find the base salary paid to each MP in each financial year on our website.

To find this information, the following instructions may help.

  1. Select a financial year.

  2. Select an MP or constituency, and click the ‘Go’ button.

This will open a new page, summarising all claims for business costs and expenses made in that financial year by the MP selected alongside details of the annual base salary paid.

Any additional salaries paid as a result of ministerial responsibilities are not the responsibility of IPSA and as such, we do not hold information relating to ministerial salaries. However, information on ministerial pay can be found at pages 16-20 of the following House of Commons Library briefing:

Salaries paid to Members of the Scottish Parliament are paid and administered by the Scottish Parliament. Although we do not hold this information, details can be found on the Scottish Parliament’s website, at the following address:

For further information, you may wish to contact the Scottish Parliament’s FOI team at or by writing to: FOI Specialist, Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, EH99 1SP.

10 August 2015
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