Drugs trials and parliamentary oversight


Following correspondence with staff at The Health Research Authority since May 2014 they have acknowledged that there is NO AGENCY in the UK which has the authority to access or review the data from drug trials that were botched or poorly managed.

In fact, The Health Research Authority have to get rid of data after 3 years.

  1. How did the Bill for The Health Research Authority Regulations 2011 improve the standards of Health and Safety in the UK since 2011?

  2. What has the last ten Parliaments done to PROTECT the interest of human drug trial volunteers in the UK?

  3. Why has Parliament allowed the drug companies to have so much power and influence in the running of NHS England? For example, not one Goverment department has been able to confirm the date that a drug trial CLOSED in 1996 when this is required to prove that the NHS were acting on false data since 1997?

  4. What has the IPSA done to ensure that pharmaceutical companies do NOT have too much control over Parliament's decisions?

  5. On which date did the IPSA review how many former pharmaceutical industry employees head the Excecutive of Board of the PHSO and the top of EVERY complaints channel within NHS England?


The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) is the body created by Parliament to independently oversee and regulate MPs’ business costs and expenses.

As such, IPSA does not hold any of the information requested.

28 May 2015
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