Information on interviews conducted by Stephen Kinnock MP


Please confirm the following with regard to the new office manager's post at the Aberavon office of Mr Stephen Kinnock MP.

  1. When was the position advertised?

  2. In what publications/organisations was the job advertisement placed?

  3. How many applicants applied for the position?

  4. How many applicants were interviewed for the position?

  5. Where and when did the interviews take place?

  6. Who conducted the interviews?

  7. I assume the appointment took place on or after 7 May 2015. Please confirm.


The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (IPSA) was established in May 2010, and is responsible for paying the salaries of MPs and their staff, and regulating and administering the business costs and expenses scheme.

Although staff members paid through IPSA’s payroll must be registered with IPSA, the MP is the employer of all staff, and is responsible for their employment. As such, IPSA does not hold any information on the recruitment process. As such, IPSA does not hold information in response to your first six requests.

With regards your seventh request, we can confirm that Mr Kinnock has registered an Office Manager with IPSA, whose employment began on 11 May 2015.

9 June 2015
Exemptions Applied: