Details relating to MPs' pensions scheme


  1. Is there scope under either the current or previous occupational pension schemes to impose any pension or benefits forfeiture or sanction on scheme members (of any status) for professional transgression and/or criminal misconduct?

    1. If there is, what are the guidelines and are they promulgated?

    2. If there is, who is responsible for considering whether action for sanction or forfeiture be considered?

    3. If there is, have any members been considered for a sanction or forfeiture?

    4. Is there is, please provide me with details of those sanctions (by year, offence and nature of sanction).

    5. If there is, are dependent members subsequently barred from approaching any relevant occupational welfare fund intended to alleviate financially distressed dependents, for financial relief?

  2. Please also provide me with details of the officers, advisers and trustees of the scheme in its various guises, for the past 10 years.

  3. I would be grateful if you would provide me with the following annual data of the scheme, for each year over the past ten years.

    1. The number of;

      1. active members

      2. deferred members

      3. members in receipt of benefit

  4. If there have been sanctions or forfeiture, please tell me whether the action was applied to an active member, a deferred member or a member in receipt of benefits.


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

The information you have requested may be held by the House of Commons. You may wish to contact the House of Commons’ Information Rights and Information Security team, via the following email address:

18 February 2015
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