Job descriptions of 22 specific staff positions within IPSA


_Under the FOI Act, can you please provide me with full job descriptions/person specifications for the following posts within your organisation as well as the number of person within each position.


  1. Head of Board and Chief Executives Office;

  2. Executive Assistant/Diary Secretary;

  3. Director of Policy and Communications

  4. Head of Policy and Strategy

  5. Policy Manager

  6. Head of Communications

  7. Policy and Communications Officer

  8. Publications and General Election Manager

  9. Publications Officer

  10. Head of IT and Info Management

  11. Deputy Head of IT

  12. Business System Analyst

  13. Head of Finance

  14. Interim Financial Accountant

  15. Finance Officer

  16. Facilities Management and Finance Officer

  17. Senior Managment Accountant

  18. Credit Controller

  19. Head of HR

  20. L&D Business Partner

  21. HR Advisor

  22. HR Assistant


Please find attached the job descriptions for the positions requested.

Please note, IPSA does not hold a job description for one of the positions requested; HR Assistant.

Further, these job descriptions often relate to the position as it was when it was first advertised, and may not necessarily reflect the current working arrangements of staff members.

The table below lists the number of individuals employed in each position.

Please note, however, some individuals may work part-time and the figures below may not necessarily indicate the full-time equivalent figure.

PositionNumber of individuals
Head of Board and Chief Executive Office1
Executive Assistant/Diary Secretary1
Director of Policy and Communications1
Head of Policy and Strategy1
Policy Manager1
Head of Communications1
Policy and Communications Officer1
Publications and General Election Manager1
Publications Officer2
Head of IT and Info Management1
Deputy Head of IT1
Business System Analyst1
Head of Finance1
Interim Financial Accountant1
Finance Officer1
Facilities Management and Finance Officer1
Senior Management Accountant1
Credit Controller1
Head of HR1
L&D Business Partner1
HR Advisor1
HR Assistant1

13 February 2015
Exemptions Applied: