List of outgoing MPs in 2014 who have made claims for mobile phones and a list of all MPs who have made claims for laptops/phones/tablets in October and November 2014


A list of all outgoing MPs in 2014 who claimed for mobile communication devices in 2014 and what they did with the devices after they left? Did they give them to charity? Donate to their successor? Keep them? Or other?

A list of all the MPs who have claimed for a laptop/tablet or mobile communications device in October and November 2014.


MPs can claim the cost of computer and mobile hardware, necessary for the exercise of their parliamentary functions, under Chapter Six of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’).

Chapter Eight of the Scheme addresses the winding-up of an MP’s office once they stand down, and advises that MPs who leave Parliament may choose to transfer any such items to their successor or another MP, or donate equipment to a charity of their choice. If an MP makes a profit from disposing of office equipment, they should refund this to IPSA.

With reference to the first part of your request, no MP who stood down in 2014 claimed for a mobile phone, tablet or laptop in 2014.

Paragraph 10.19 of the Scheme states that “for the six months prior to the expected dissolution of Parliament, claims for purchases of office equipment, IT and furniture under Office Costs Expenditure will not be allowed. In exceptional circumstances where such purchases are necessary, prior approval from IPSA will be required”. This came into effect for expenditure incurred after 30 September 2014. As MPs have 90 days after incurring expenditure to submit a claim, claims submitted in October and November for expenditure incurred prior to 30 September are not subject to this restriction.

You may be aware that we publish all claims for business costs and expenses on our dedicated publication website.  However, it is not always possible to separately identify claims for specific types of computer hardware. Please therefore find, at Annex A below, a list of all MPs who have claimed for a mobile phone, laptop or tablet device in October and November 2014.

Annex A

MP Name

  • Alan Meale

  • Andrew Tyrie

  • Angie Bray

  • David Crausby

  • David Davies

  • David Hamilton

  • David Lammy

  • Frank Doran

  • Gavin Williamson

  • Gordon Marsden

  • Graham Stuart

  • Ian Davidson

  • Ian Lucas

  • Jack Dromey

  • James Wharton

  • Joan Walley

  • John McDonnell

  • Kris Hopkins

  • Linda Riordan

  • Margaret Curran

  • Matthew Hancock

  • Mike Weatherley

  • Natascha Engel

  • Nick Harvey

  • Nick Raynsford

  • Nick Smith

  • Pauline Latham

  • Peter Hain

  • Richard Benyon

  • Robert Walter

  • Roger Godsiff

  • Simon Wright

  • Tim Yeo

6 February 2015
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