Guidance on combining of small-value expense items


I am following up on the request which I made last year, with the following reference number: F1415-057

Please would you now be able to tell we whether or not any guidance on this combining of small value expenses now exists?


As part of our regular publication of all MPs’ claims for business costs and expenses, we now aggregate any small-value items that fall under the ‘Stationery Purchase’ expense type (excluding printer cartridges) and publish them as a total for each invoice or receipt submitted. In practice, this means if an MP submits a receipt for £5 worth of stationery, we will publish that £5 worth of stationery has been claimed – as is the case for most other expense types.

As this is an internal process, IPSA has not created any guidance relating to this aggregation of stationery costs, and does not therefore hold the information you request.

30 January 2015
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