Claims by Jim Murphy MP for Irn Bru


I would like to request information regarding parliamentary expenses for Mr Jim Murphy, MP for East Renfrewshire.  This request deals specifically with expense claims made for food and drink by Mr Murphy.

I would like you to provide information on the total value of expense claims made by Mr Murphy for any purchases of Irn Bru a drink manufactured by AG Barr Ltd.  Furthermore I would like this information to be provided in two sections.

  • A total for all purchases of Irn Bru made on or before 30th April 2014

  • A total for all purchases of Irn Bru made on or after 1st May 2014


IPSA holds the information that you request.

Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), MPs may claim for the cost of purchasing food and non-alcoholic drinks where they have necessarily stayed overnight neither in the London Area nor their constituency.  This is limited to £25 for each night.

MPs may also claim reimbursement of the costs of an evening meal (excluding alcoholic drinks), when they are required to be at the House of Commons because the House is sitting beyond 7.30pm.  This is limited to £15 for each night.

In processing your request, we have searched through all claims made by Jim Murphy MP for food and drink for any which identify Irn Bru. We have identified two such claims. Both claims were made before 30th April 2014 and amount to £1.30.

14 January 2015
Exemptions Applied: