Information on publication of MPs' expenses


I would like a full list of names of all peoples that voted yes to block the public from viewing and having access to mp's expenses. This has gone far enough, the greed that is on display is nothing short of disgusting but to have even the right to see and question evidence of any wrongdoing takes my breath away. How dare this suggestion even be considered let alone voted on is beyond me. Was nothing learnd from the last expenses scandal, do you not remember the outrage and vilification for your blind arrogant me me me me attitude. I hope and expect my list soon as the law on freedom of information requests is very clear. An explanation along with a groveling apology might... might placate me and the many who feel as I do.


As you will be aware, IPSA was created by Parliament in 2010, after the MPs’ expenses scandal. IPSA was given the remit and powers to introduce independent regulation of MPs’ business costs and expenses. We are independent of Parliament, and of Members of Parliament.

Since we were created in 2010, we have published all claims by MPs for their business costs and expenses on our publication website, which anyone can access via the following link:

You can read our publication policy, specifying what information we publish, and when, via the following link:

There has not been a vote to ‘block the public from viewing and having access to mp's expenses’. All MPs’ expenses are published on our website, and will continue to be so. As such, we do not hold the information that you have requested.

13 November 2014
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