Correspondence with the Compliance Officer relating to complaint


Under the FOIA, please supply me with all the communications between yourselves and IPSA Compliance, regarding my complaint about my MP, Jeremy Hunt. This was emailed to IPSA Compliance on 5 November 2013. Please also include any internal communications regarding this specific matter.


By way of background, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and the Compliance Officer for IPSA were established (under the Parliamentary Standards Act 2009 and the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010) as two separate public authorities.

Although IPSA works closely with the Compliance Officer, information held by IPSA (for the purposes of FOI) is not necessarily also held by the Compliance Officer, and vice versa.

The Compliance Officer may request, usually by email, any information IPSA holds. IPSA does not hold a specific record of information requested by, or provided to, the Compliance Officer for IPSA. It is possible that such information is held within the email accounts of the relevant IPSA contact.

In attempting to locate the information you have requested, we have searched our systems for all communications exchanged between IPSA and the Compliance Officer for IPSA. However, the relevant IPSA staff member who would have dealt with such requests from the Compliance Officer at the time of your complaint no longer works at IPSA.

As such, we no longer hold any record of communications between IPSA and the Compliance Officer for IPSA. We further carried out a search for any internal communications regarding your complaint about Jeremy Hunt MP and have assessed that no internal communications were exchanged.

12 November 2014
Exemptions Applied: