MPs who have purchased homes and details of wrongfully made claims


  1. How many MPs have purchased homes while serving in parliament, From all sides of the house

  2. How many MPs claimed money on their expenses for those homes,

  3. How many have been investigated for wrongdoing with reference to this matter,

  4. How many MPs are currently awaiting prosecution for any crime, or have been charged with any crime. and does this debar them from serving.


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

We do not hold any information on whether Members of Parliament have purchased property, nor do we hold any information on criminal proceedings, which do not fall under our remit.

For reference, the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses does not provide for a ‘second home’. Under the provisions of the Scheme, non-London MPs may claim for accommodation expenditure to meet costs necessarily incurred on overnight accommodation which is required for the performance of their parliamentary functions.

MPs may only claim for Accommodation Expenditure in relation to a property at one location, which may be either in the London Area, or within the MP's constituency, (or within 20 miles of any point on the constituency boundary). Members are only permitted to have one property registered with IPSA for the purpose of claiming accommodation expenditure at any given time.

Paragraph 4.8 of the Scheme details the costs which may be claimed under Accommodation Expenditure. More information on this may be viewed via this link to the Scheme on our website.

23 April 2014
Exemptions Applied:
Section 21