Information relating to kitchen upgrade claimed by Iain McKenzie MP


I would like information under FOI for the following.

Iain McKenzie MP for Inverclyde - Kitchen Upgrade £2824.20 claimed in 2011/2012

I would like to know where this kitchen upgrade took place, what was upgraded, who carried out the works, how this expense was paid, and what reasons were given for this work being required.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

As you may be aware, Members of Parliament are permitted, under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), to claim for expenses legitimately incurred whilst carrying out their parliamentary duties and are required to certify that this is the case before submitting claims. 

Start Up Expenditure is available to MPs elected to Parliament for the first time for a particular constituency. Chapter 8 of the Scheme states that MPs can claim, under the Start-Up Expenditure budget, the costs of setting up one or more constituency offices as a new MP, which includes the costs of any work required to ensure the suitable working condition of a constituency office. 

We have extracted the information you have requested from the invoice submitted to IPSA alongside the claim.

According to the invoice, the work took place at Mr McKenzie’s constituency office and was carried out by MBS Building Services Limited.  It was paid for by the Mr McKenzie, and then reimbursed to the Member through IPSA.  The invoice states the following work was carried out:

“Upgrade office kitchen and other works as quoted.

(The inline water heater was not fitted.  Hot water is supplied via the boiler in the basement and plumbed directly to the sink.  The cost of the additional plumbing has been offset against the water heater)

Additional electrical work in front office”

We do not hold any further information on the reason for the work, other than that already provided above.

21 April 2014
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