Breakdown of the sums written off by IPSA relating to MPs' expenses, including the name of the MP, since 2010


Please could I be supplied with a breakdown of the sums written off by Ipsa relating to MPs' expenses, including the name of the MP, since 2010.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

When dealing with amounts which according to our records are owed, IPSA regularly reviews receivable balances and their recoverability to determine the appropriate course of action; whether to start proceedings to recover the debt or write it off.

IPSA assesses whether, given the value of the receivable, it is a worthwhile investment of time and resources to pursue collection of the amount. Where it is anticipated that attempted recovery the debt would cost more than the amount of the receivable itself, we will generally write off the amount in the interest of value for money to the taxpayer.  

The decision to write off amounts listed overleaf was taken by IPSA.  The individuals concerned were not approached or made aware of the amounts prior to the decision being made.  In processing this request, we have notified the individuals.

Please find attached, in Annex A, amounts written off by IPSA relating to claims made since 2010.

As you will note, the amounts included in Annex A relate to two MPs that passed away while in office, and two MPs that stood down from office.

Financial yearMP nameAmount (£)
2012/13Louise Mensch*272.20
2012/13Stuart Bell194.05
2012/13Chris Huhne57.80
2012/13Marsha Singh27.00

*As noted above, these individuals were not made aware of these amounts until we notified them with regards to this request.  Since we informed Louise Mensch of the amount written off relating to her, she has voluntarily paid all amounts, to IPSA

14 April 2014
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