Accommodation space provided by IPSA for trade union business


  1. Please provide details of any office accommodation your organisation provides to staff to carry out trade union business. Please include details of:

  • space measured in square feet

  • how much of this space is contained within entirely separate buildings (i.e. occupied solely by staff carrying out trade union business)

  • whether a professional valuation of the market rental value of the space has been sought either in-house or externally, and if so, what the valuation of the space was

  • any charges the council levy for office space given to trade unions.

  1. Please advise any estimates for other costs met for those staff on trade union facility time apart from salaries - including travel expenses, office supplies, telephone expenses and energy bills.


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

As IPSA is a small organisation, the staff time devoted to trade union activity is low.  IPSA does not provide any permanent office accommodation for staff to carry out trade union business.

As such, with regards to the second part of your request, we do not hold any record of the costs associated with trade union activity.  As the FOIA gives individuals the right to request recorded information from public authorities, IPSA is not required under the FOIA to provide an estimate in place of information that is not held.

14 February 2014
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