Annual intern budget


What budget per year do MP's have for interns in their Parliamentary and Constituency offices?


IPSA does not hold the information that you request.

Members of Parliament may register volunteers with IPSA for the purpose of claiming for incidental expenses.  This may include individuals undertaking work experience, student placements or internships.  Incidental expenses for volunteers are made to IPSA under the Staffing Expenditure budget, as detailed in chapter seven (Staffing Expenditure) of the Scheme.  Claims for incidental expenses are limited only to reasonable claims for travel, food and non-alcoholic drinks.

MPs may also call some of their salaried staff “interns”. These staff may be paid below the normal IPSA pay scales and may have reduced responsibilities, but must be paid at least the national minimum wage. These individuals are not required to complete volunteer registrations and are not separately identifiable from other salaried staff paid through IPSA’s payroll.  Salaries for these individuals also come under the Staffing Expenditure Budget.

For further information on the Scheme, you may wish to follow this link to the Scheme section of the IPSA website.

14 January 2014
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