List of IPSA members


After hearing that your organisation is to award an 11% pay rise to M.P.'s, I would appreciate the following advice, under the Freedom of Information Act, in order to decide for myself, just how independent the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority actually is:

A full list of members of the IPSA.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

IPSA publishes the information you have requested on our website, which both provides the names and biographical information of IPSA’s Board Members.  You may view the information via the following link to the About Us section of our website.

The FOIA states that information that is accessible by other means is not subject to release. Therefore, as the information you have requested is already available on our website, it is exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the FOIA (information accessible to applicant by other means).

13 December 2013
Exemptions Applied:
Section 21