Status of MPs' accommodation


Could you please tell me how you verify and confirm a Member of Parliament's 1st or 2nd home status?

I particularly want to know the process involved as well as the documentation that an MP must produce to prove the status of their home(s)?


IPSA holds some of the information that you request.

The MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses does not provide for a ‘second home’.  Under the provisions of the Scheme, non-London MPs may claim for accommodation expenditure to meet costs necessarily incurred on overnight accommodation which is required for the performance of their parliamentary functions. 

MPs may only claim for Accommodation Expenditure in relation to a property at one location, which may be either in the London Area, or within the MP's constituency, (or within 20 miles of any point on the constituency boundary).  Members are only permitted to have one property registered with IPSA for the purpose of claiming accommodation expenditure at any given time.

Paragraph 4.8 of the Scheme details the costs which may be claimed under Accommodation Expenditure.  More information on this may be viewed via this link to the Scheme on our website.

With regards to your second question, Members must register their property via IPSA’s online expenses system and provide ISPA with hard-copy evidence, such as a rental contract, mortgage agreement or another form of proof of ownership.  Claims may only be made for Accommodation Expenditure (other than for hotel costs) once IPSA has approved all the documentation provided, and agreed that such claims can be made.

22 November 2013
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