MPs' staff data


I'm conducting research into the experiences of women working for MP's in Westminster. It'd be really helpful to be able to contextualise my research and the interviews within factual information relating to staffing of Westminster. I'd appreciate if you were able to share with me the following information under the guidelines laid out in the Freedom of Information Act (2000)

  • How many staff are employed by MP's in total?

  • Taking MP's staff as a whole, how many are based in Westminster?

  • What is the breakdown of MP's staff by party?

  • What is the breakdown of MP's staff by gender and party?


IPSA holds some of the information that you request.

As of 9 August 2013, there were 3,128 active records on IPSA’s payroll system, which includes individuals on permanent, fixed term and casual contracts.

The breakdown of employees by gender is as follows:

  • Total number of female employees: 1,834

  • Total number of male employees: 1,294

Our payroll function does not require IPSA to collect an individual’s exact place of work (i.e. whether they work in Westminster) or to which party the relevant MP is affiliated.  We do not, therefore, hold the information you request in this respect.

14 August 2013
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