Full costs of legal advice relating to IPSA court proceedings against Stewart Jackson case and any relating to Nadine Dorries and Karl McCartney


Under the Freedom of Information Act, I request details of the full costs of legal and professional advice relating to IPSA’s case against Stewart Jackson MP between the dates of 1st October 2012 – 31st July 2013, and full details of the costs of any legal and professional advice relating to Nadine Dorries MP, and  Karl McCartney MP, broken down for each MP.


IPSA holds some of the information that you request.

The information we hold does not separately identify costs attributable to specific cases as the fees provided in invoices are aggregated with other costs.  Our solicitors, however, hold more detailed information, which we have requested and have provided as follows.  The full cost of legal and professional advice relating to the case brought against Stewart Jackson MP by IPSA between 1 October 2012 and 31 July 2013 was £12,655 + VAT.  The full cost of legal and professional advice relating to Karl McCartney MP to date is £122.50 + VAT.

The information you requested regarding Nadine Dorries MP relates to a case undertaken by the Compliance Officer for IPSA, an office independent of IPSA and, for the purposes of the FOIA, a separate public authority.  Your request for information should be directed to the Compliance Office at the following email address: compliance@theipsa.org.uk.

Your previous FOI request of 21 May 2013 (reference F1314-039) included a request for:

  1. the full costs of your action against Stewart Jackson MP; and

  2. the full costs of the services of Matrix Chambers in the past 12months.

In our final response of 18 June 2013, we confirmed that we did not hold the information you requested and that we would forward you any further information we received from our solicitors in due course.  I can now confirm that we hold this information, having been supplied it by our solicitors, and can provide this to you.

We have already provided you with the latest figures relating to the Stewart Jackson case in our response to your current FOI request above.  The fees relating to Matrix Chambers, as of 20 May 2013, were £3,985 + VAT.

21 August 2013
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