Further information relating to MPs' rental accommodation claims


You specifically requested the following relating to the internal IPSA correspondence released under FOI request reference FOI2012-A131:

  1. “Focusing on Annex 11 there is mention that you have researched and identified 53 MPs who are currently (November 2012) sharing... could I request, as an FOI request, the names of these MPs and/or postcodes (first half) for them”

Note: The number of MPs sharing relates to MPs sharing with a non-partner

  1. “Also in Annex 12 there is mention of 375 lines that were not paid. Can you confirm if these are the same as those appear in the published logs, and therefore already identifiable? If not could I request these too.”


You later clarified part 1 of your request to ask for the number of MPs sharing with a non-partner as of 13 March 2013.

IPSA holds the information that you request.

Under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (‘the Scheme’), non-London MPs are able to claim for costs necessarily incurred on overnight accommodation at one location, either at the constituency or in London.  In relation to claims made by MPs for rental accommodation for which they share with other individuals, MPs are able to claim for the proportion of the shared costs that they incur and in accordance with the rental accommodation budget limit, set out in the Scheme.  As of 13 March 2013, our records show that there were 21 MPs claiming for rental accommodation shared with an individual who is not, according to our records, a spouse or partner of the MP.  We have not included in the information those MPs sharing rental accommodation where it was indicated in our records that the individual shared with is either a spouse or partner.   

In line with our publication policy, we do not release the full postcode or address of MPs’ residential addresses, and only release the first alphabetical and numerical blocks of the postcode. 

The information you have requested is attached at Annex A.

In answer to part 2 of your request, we can confirm that claims that are not paid are published on our publication website alongside the claims that are paid, as part of our routine bimonthly publication cycle.

Annex A

MP NamePostcode (first numerical block and first alphabetical block)
Stuart AndrewSW1
Brian BinleySW1
Liam ByrneE1
Philip DaviesSW1
Caroline DinenageSE1
Nigel EvansSW1
Yvonne FovargueSW1
Sheila GilmoreSW1
Tom HarrisSW1
Jessica LeeSW1
Esther McVeySE1
Jessica MordenSE11
Anne Marie MorrisSW1
David MundellSW1
Caroline NokesSE1
Andrew PercySE1
Chloe SmithSE1
Graham StuartSW1
Justin TomlinsonSE1
David TredinnickSW1
Iain WrightSW1

28 March 2013
Exemptions Applied: