Claims made by Nadine Dorries MP for rental accommodation


I would like to make an FOI request.  I would like to know the first three or four digits of the postcode where Nadine Dorries MP rented from January 2012 to date.  If the property she was renting changed during this period, I would like to know when the change took place and what the different postcodes were.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

I understand that you are already aware that we have provided details relating to the location of rental properties claimed for under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses (the Scheme) under a previous Freedom of Information (FOI) request (reference FOI2012-A063a), which may be viewed via this link to the Freedom of Information section of our website.  Our response to this request includes the first alphabetical block and the first numerical block of the postcode for the property for which Mrs Dorries currently claims.

We can confirm that, in January 2012, the first part of the postcode for the property Mrs Dorries claimed rental accommodation was SW1.  Subsequently, Mrs Dorries moved, registering a new lease with a start date of 31 August 2012, for which the first part of the postcode is SW1 (as published under reference FOI2012-A063a).

15 January 2013
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