European Travel Allowance claims


Full details of claims made by Members of Parliament from the European Travel Allowance in each of the last five years for which figures are available.

I would like the response to include, for each MP, the number of funded trips taken, the destinations, the cost of each trip and the aggregate total, for each year during the period.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

The European Travel Allowance to which you make reference was paid by the House of Commons to MPs prior to IPSA’s establishment. IPSA began operations on 7 May 2010 and does not hold any information relating to claims made or processed prior to that date.

However, under section 9.2(e) of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, MPs may claim for Travel and Subsistence Expenditure for ‘a maximum of three return journeys per year to the national Parliaments of Council of Europe member states, or institutions and agencies of the European Union.’

These claims are published on our website.  You may view the published information by visiting our publication website.

The total costs for 2012 will be available following the end of the financial year.

11 January 2013
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