Can an MP or Minister's salary be reduced or stopped?


I am writing to request any information held on the circumstances whereby a MP's and minister's salary will either be reduced or stopped as a result of prolonged sickness, and therefore inability to carry out the duties for which they have been elected. Please include a copy of any policy / advice documents setting these processes out.

In the wake of the 4 week sojourn by Nadine Dorries MP into I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here! could you please provide information on the other circumstances in which an MP's salary can be withheld, reduced or discontinued given their unavailability to perform the duties their constituent's have elected them to do.


IPSA holds some of the information you request.

As set out in the email from the House of Commons, the Cabinet Office is responsible for the payment of Ministerial salaries.

In relation to MPs’ salaries, IPSA is responsible for the setting of MPs’ pay levels, on which we are currently conducting a consultation, and for the payment of MPs’ salaries. IPSA would withhold pay where the House of Commons has taken disciplinary action against a Member of Parliament by suspending them from the service of the House.

Arrangements surrounding any leave of absence are not administered by IPSA.

We can only suggest that you apply again to the House of Commons, who may be able to assist you further in relation to arrangements relating to sickness or other prolonged absences.

27 November 2012
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