Objections to staffing budget increases lodged by a Board Member at meetings in February 2012


At the IPSA board meeting on 7th February 2012 a board member raised objections to proposals to increase the MPs staffing budget paragraph 3.10. At paragrapgh 3.19 a board member raised objections to the proposed increase in looking at MPs staffing at 4 FTE staff and an increase in pay percentile ranges.

At the board meeting of 21st February 2012 paragraph 3.4 a board member raised objections to the proposals put forward on MPs staffing.


I would like to know which board member raised objections to paragraphs 3.10 & 3.19 at the meeting of 7th Feb 2012 and which member raised an objection to paragraph 3.4 at the 21st February meeting?

Further to this at the 21st February meeting the minutes say:

Recording of dissent

2.2. The Chair noted that the Board had agreed at its meeting in February 2011 that dissent should be recorded where individual Board members disagreed strongly with a particular decision.

2.3. The Board reaffirmed that:

  • dissent would be recorded when a Board member so requested;

  • where dissent was recorded, ordinarily it should not be attributed to the member(s) dissenting, unless such attribution was specifically requested;

Therefore I am specifically requesting the attribution of the board member on the points I have raised above on MPs staffing.


Isobel Sharp dissented to paragraphs 3.10 and 3.19 at the meeting on 7th February and to paragraph 3.4 at the meeting on 21st February 2012.

5 December 2012
Exemptions Applied: