Procurement cards held by IPSA staff and details of spending


  1. Details of the number of procurement cards held by IPSA staff in each year since the authority was formed;

  2. Details of spending on them.


IPSA holds the information that you request.

  1. The number of cards held by IPSA staff for each financial year is as follows:

    • 2010: 4 cards held

    • 2011: 4 cards held

    • 2012: 2 cards held

  2. We released information relating to spending on procurement cards as part of a previous request for information (ref: FOI2011-100), which is published on our website. This request covered the period since the authority was established to 31 October 2011. The FOIA states that information that is accessible by other means is not subject to release. Therefore, as the information you have requested is already available on our website, it is exempt from disclosure under section 21 of the FOIA (information accessible to applicant by other means) and under Section 22(1) of the FOIA (Information intended for future publication).

Information relating to spending on procurement cards from 1 November 2011 to date of request is contained in Annex A.

Please note that all expenditure has been approved for payment in accordance to the IPSA Staff Expenses Policy.

A number of the items listed in Annex A are labelled “reward and recognition”. IPSA’s staff reward and recognition scheme enables staff to nominate colleagues for modest awards in recognition of outstanding performance. Those receiving such an award can elect to receive a gift voucher from a high-street retailer and some of the items listed in relation to reward and recognition are for such vouchers.

Annex A: details of spending on IPSA procurement cards from 1 November 2011 to date

Date AmountMerchant NameCategorisation
23/03/2012£244.50LYNDA.COMTraining material
25/03/2012£54.17Amazon EUTraining material - Books
28/06/2012£50.63DRI Office Password ReOffice software
28/06/2012£8.40DRI Get it on CDOffice software
02/11/2011£4.18SAINSBURYS SMKTRefreshment for meeting(s)
03/11/2011£35.49BMI BABY 0000000K3U1LSTravel: meeting at MP's constituency office
08/11/2011£12.26PRET A MANGERRefreshment for meeting(s)
08/11/2011£82.40POST OFFICE LTDStationary, office or catering supplies
08/11/2011£8.40SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
08/11/2011£16.52RYMAN 1777Stationary, office or catering supplies
17/11/2011£51.49WWW.FLYBE.COGB3WLLTravel: meeting at MP's constituency office
25/11/2011£85.00THE FITZWILLIAM HOTELAccommodation: meeting at MP's constituency office
28/11/2011£6.37SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
28/11/2011£20.00BOOTS 0775Reward and recognition
06/12/2011£20.00HOUSE OF FRASERReward and recognition
09/12/2011£15.95SOUTHERN RAILWAY LTravel: to attend external meeting
09/12/2011£23.00YELLOW CARS OF NOTTravel: early morning travel, to attend external meeting
13/12/2011£3.68SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
10/01/2012£20.00HOUSE OF FRASERReward and recognition
17/01/2012£3.68MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
07/02/2012£3.69SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
10/02/2012£20.00ZARA LONDON VICTORIAReward and recognition
03/01/2012£17.30POST OFFICE LTDStationary, office or catering supplies
15/02/2012£17.99CURRYS.DIGITALComputer equipment for office
06/03/2012£15.79123-REG.CO.UKRegistration of domain name
12/03/2012£1,266.00PEOPLEMANAGEMENTRecruitment costs
03/04/2012£5.88SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
10/04/2012£54.63Amazon EUElectrical equipment for office
01/05/2012£153.70WWW.CLEVERBRIDGE.NETOffice software
04/05/2012£14.29Amazon EUElectrical equipment for office
15/05/2012£3.99SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)
21/05/2012£480.00PAYPAL CHARTEREDINExternal training
07/06/2012£3.58SACAT MARKS & SPENCERRefreshment for meeting(s)

29 July 2012
Exemptions Applied:
Section 21