MPs' and MPs' staff pensions


  1. How MPs' pensions compare to those of doctors and those of civil servants on all the main civil service schemes including Nuvos. I am interested to know how much MPs are expected to contribute as a percentage of their salary and how much the employers contribute in comparison with civil servants and doctors;

  2. I would also like to know how many years each would have to work to retire on comparable pensions;

  3. I would also like to find out the same details for MPs' staff who I understand do not have to contribute to their pensions;

  4. I am also interested to know if there are any plans to reform the pensions of MPs and their staff.


IPSA holds some of the information that you request.

  1. In relation to the first of your request, IPSA does not hold information relating to pensions arrangements for doctors or Civil Servants and we are not, therefore, able to provide you with the comparison you request. Information relating to doctor’s and Civil Service pensions is publicly available and can be viewed by visiting the Civil Service pension website and the NHS Employers website. I can confirm that MPs contribute to their pensions at one of three rates: 7.75%, 9.75% or 13.75%.  MPs automatically default to the highest contribution rate unless they opt for one of the lower rates listed above. The House of Commons manages the Exchequer pension contributions. IPSA does not pay pension contributions of this type.  For this information, you may therefore wish to contact the House of Commons FOI team via;

  2. We do not hold information relating to part 2 of your request;

  3. The employer’s contribution for MPs’ staff members is currently 10%. MPs’ staff members are free to make voluntary contributions to their pensions;

  4. IPSA was given the responsibility in October 2011 to set MPs’ pay and pensions. Following a public consultation on MPs’ pensions, IPSA introduced the interim measure to increase MPs’ pension contributions by 1.85% ahead of a longer-term settlement.  The contribution rates given at point 1 reflect this increase.  We are currently undertaking a review on MPs’ pay and pensions, which will conclude by spring 2013.  If you would like further information on this or would like to contribute to the debate, please visit this link to our dedicated pay and pensions website.

19 July 2012
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