Details of any MPs' expense claims paid to third parties


How many MP’s claim expenses or pay that is not paid directly to them personally but via other channels?


IPSA holds the information that you have requested.

The first part of your request relates to claims allowed under the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses, where payment can work in a variety of ways.  For claims made by MPs who have made payments out of their own pocket, reimbursement is directly to the MP.  MPs may make payments for certain items, such as constituency office utilities and travel, via a payment card and in this case payment is made paid direct to the supplier via the card.  As of 12 July 2012, 544 MPs have chosen this method.  MPs may choose to arrange for payments for their accommodation rent and constituency office rent to be made directly to the landlord by IPSA.  As of 12 July 2012, 327 MPs have chosen to pay their constituency office rent direct to their landlord and 232 MPs have chosen to pay direct to their landlord for accommodation rent.

The second part of your request relates to MPs’ pay.  We can confirm that all MPs are paid directly through the payroll, via the PAYE system, with tax and national insurance contributions deducted at source.

11 July 2012
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