Details of any dealings with the Security Service, SIS or GCHQ


Please release all details of your dealings with the Security & Intelligence agencies (Security Service, SIS, GCHQ), including meetings held with current or former staff of these agencies, advice or notes sent or received from these agencies, former IPSA staff/advisers/contractors working for these agencies, now or in the past.


Regarding the first part of your request, IPSA does not have dealings with the security and intelligence agencies (SIAs).  We have not received advice, sent or received notes or conducted meetings with the security and intelligence agencies.  Therefore, we do not hold information relating to the first part of your request.

The second part of your request asks about former IPSA staff, advisers or contractors and whether they have worked for the SIAs, now or in the past.  We do not hold information on the posts former IPSA staff, advisors or contractors undertake after leaving IPSA. 

IPSA holds information relating to work history in personnel files for staff employed directly by IPSA and for the contractors or advisors whose Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) checks we hold on file.  We have undertaken a search of those personnel files and can confirm that we hold no record of former IPSA staff, advisors or contractors previously having worked for the SIAs.

7 June 2012
Exemptions Applied: