Warnings about expense claims in the last 12 months and sanctions


How many MPs in the last 12 months (Feb 1 2011 to Feb 29 2012) have been warned about expenses claims in any context?

In each case, who were they, what was the warning, what was the date of the warning and what, if any, was IPSA's sanction?

Please also identify the item/service claimed under expenses which gave rise to the warning in each case, as well as the amount claimed.


In response to my email of 6 March 2012, you clarified your request and stated that warnings may relate to claims “that have been rejected or claims that have been allowed with a proviso they don't claim for such things or in that amount again”.

In the last twelve months, no warnings have been issued by IPSA to MPs about expenses claimed in any context.

Claims are assessed in accordance with the terms of the MPs’ Scheme of Business Costs and Expenses.  Claims which are eligible under the Scheme are paid and those claims that fall outside of what is allowable under the Scheme are not paid.  We do not pay claims which are known to be ineligible under the Scheme.

Any claims received that do not have the necessary information to enable IPSA to assess them are returned to the MP with a request for clarification or submission of further evidence. Such requests do not include or amount to a warning but are simply a request for further information. 

Claims that are not eligible under the Scheme are classed as ‘not paid’.  IPSA publishes details of expenses claims, including claims that are ‘not paid’, and these can be viewed by visiting the following link to our website.

23 March 2012
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